Synod Structure

The Methodist Church in Kenya is organized into 13 synods covering different regions of the country. A synod covers a geographical area which is composed of the different Methodist Churches in that area and forms what is known as a Circuit. A bishop heads a synod and under him are superintendent Ministers who head the circuits.

The following are the current synods.

1. Nairobi Synod

The Nairobi Synod  is under the leadership of Bishop Rev. Paul Matumbi and it has  11 circuits mainly; Charles New, Kariokor, Langata, Komarock, Lavington, Kawangware, Nakuru, Ilimukutani, Isinya,  and DR Congo Mission Area.

2. Mombasa Synod

Mombasa Synod covers three counties under the leadership of Bishop Rev.Michael Simba

It has 9 circuits and two mission areas; the synod has a population of more than ten thousand members who are served by 12 ministers and 3 evangelists.

3. Nkubu Synod

Nkubu Synod falls within four counties namely Meru, Embu. Tharaka Nithi, and Kirinyaga County which are in Eastern and Southern side of Mount Kenya. It has 20 Circuits.The Synod is under the leadership of Bishop Rev. Justus Bundi.

4. Nyambene Synod

Nyambene Synod is in Meru county East of Nyambene Ranges .It covers Igembe South,Central and North  Constituencies. The Synod is in charge of North Kenya mission I.e Garbatula,Wajir,Kinna and Merit Churches. The Synod has 22 Circuits . It is also in charge of over 60 sponsored schools. The synod is under the leadership of Bishop Rev.Alice Mutuma.

5. Western Kenya Synod

Western Kenya Synod comprises of ten Counties with different communities which are Maasais, Kisiis, Luos, Kalenjins and Luhyas.The Synod has  eight Circuits, namely: Kisumu,Ugunja,Kericho,North Mogirango,karachuonyo,Migori,Kilgoris,Mogong . It is under the leadership of BishopRev.John Koskei

6. Singwaya Synod

Singwaya Synod covers three Counties in the semi-arid areas in Kenya which are; Tana River, Lamu and Garissa.
The Synod faces some challenges in its Ministerial work like; Insecurity, Drought, Famine, Poor Infrastructure, Poverty and Illiteracy.
Singwaya Synod is under the leadership of Bishop Rev.Japhet Uruji .

7. Tharaka Synod

Tharaka Synod is within the Semi-Arid region of Tharaka County. It has seven Circuits which covers; Mwingi North, Chuka, Igembe,Tigania,nkubu/Imenti,Embu/mbeere
The Synod is headed by a team of 16 pastoral leaders who includes the Synod Bishop Rev. Samuel Njagi,  and Evangelists.

8. Miathene Synod

Miathene Synod is under the leadership of Bishop Rev. Samuel Kathawe and it has a total 16 Circuits. The Synod it’s under Meru County and it covers Tigania East, Tigania West and Isiolo, it also has a mission in Mwamba.

9. Kilifi Synod

Methodist Church in Kenya Kilifi Synod is located at Kilifi County under the leadership of Bishop Rev. Peter Karisa.The Synod has Eight  Circuits namely: Kilifi, Malindi, Mtwapa, Ribe Maandani, Pangani and Chonyi.

10. Kaaga Synod

Kaaga Synod is in Meru County under the leadership of Bishop Rev. Catherine Mutua. The synod has 27 circuits under it and a Mission in Central Kenya.

The Methodist Church Kenya also has Synods in Uganda and Tanzania.

11.Tanzania Synod

Methodist Church in Kenya Tanzania Synod is under Bishop Rev. Leopold Ernest Ndaki.The synod has Seven Circuits.

12. Uganda Synod

MCK Uganda Synod is under Bishop William Muriuki. The Synod has seven (7) Circuits

13.Kajiado Synod

MCK Kajiado is the latest Synod Currently under the leadership of Bishop Rev Ahn Cho. The Synod covers Maasai land and it has five Circuits

The Methodist Church has a strong emphasis on Education and Healing ministry besides the aim of Spiritual nourishment.