The opening and dedication of MCK St Mary’s Uringu



The opening and dedication of St Mary’s Church uringu was officiated by the Methodist Church in Kenya Presiding Bishop. Joseph Ntombura.

The Presiding Bishop was amazed on how the Stoney Church was built in 6 months’ time saying that it is the 1st Church in Kenya to be built in such a short time .He appreciated the effort of Miathene Synod Rev. Samuel Kathawe and his team for their effort in completing the Church.

He also expressed his gratitude to the family of Zakayo and Jane who selflessness donated their land worth 4 million to the Church and urged people to be generous in giving to God.

In his message the Presiding Bishop spoke on Apostolic Church, saying that religion was no longer a Christian believes and that people are looking for Churches that adds Value to them in terms of Quality deliverance of services, Family values etc.

Being the only Synod with Church Ministers Choir, the Presiding bishop expressed his appreciation by encouraging other Synods to follow suit.

He however advised the ministers on how to deliver Quality messages by producing policy, vision, direction to the members of the church, by healing spiritual souls not physical, by being pioneers who produce kingdom building strategies.