Some of the projects currently in progress include:

1. Church sanctuary construction

Construction of a church & community outreach center.
This project seeks to assist the local community in construction of a permanent church building for worship and a center that can be used in carrying out community outreach.

Target communities
Marakwet located in the western part of Kenya in the Rift valley province.

2. Clean water delivery ministry

This project will provide clean water to at least 10 Kenyan communities in living in arid and dry areas through water harvesting and drilling for water.

Target communities
Tharaka and Mwingi districts.

3. Connexional Green belt

This project will undertake tree planting as a symbol of environmental conservation for the Methodist church in Kenya. This project aims to teach biblical wisdom in environmental conservation to the members of the community. The project will aim to plant about 10, 000 trees across the connexion congregation and engage the Methodist faithful in practical beautification & conservation activities.

Target community:
Methodist church connexion in Kenya

4. Gospel on chariots

This project will facilitate missions outreach to remote and extreme areas through the provision of motor bikes to facilitate travel for ministers in these areas. This will allow the Methodist church to more easily reach remote areas with the gospel without having to rely on public transport or walk long distances.

5. Kaaga Bio-intensive Agriculture Training Centre

This project seeks to support an organic farming training center that will offer training to communities doing small scale and arid land farming. It will empower people by showing them how more food and income can be realized through optimum utilization of land by using bio-intensive farming methods allowing them to produce enough nutritious food for their families. It will also teach livestock rearing for domestic and commercial purposes.

6. Kenya Relief and development

This project will provide emergency relief and post disaster recovery to victims of natural disaster. It will provide assistance in the form of food & non food items in addition to counseling and prayer to victims.

7. Ministerial training

This project will facilitate for the training of aspiring ministers who would are unable to access training due to financial constraints. By assisting in the training of new ministers Methodist congregations will be helped to grow and support the ministry further.

8. Muslim Children- Christian Schools

This project seeks to share the love of Christ in areas with strong Muslim populations through establishment of schools managed and run with Christian values as a way of reaching out to the children in these communities. The Methodist church has been able to establish churches in areas with a large Muslim population which are in great need of educational facilities to assist the youth in these areas acquire quality formal education.

9. Season 2

This is project to assist farmers get the most out of their produce by helping them find the right market or storage for their produce as opposed to selling it all when they have a bumper harvest and having to buy it back at high prices in time of scarcity. It seeks to reduce the effects of persistent drought and hunger in arid communities due to the food poverty cycle.

10. Youth empowerment and resource center

This project seeks to provide an opportunity for nurturing youth talent and capacity building through, training, sharing of experiences, counseling, provide access to vital information necessary for wholistic growth and improvement of their lives. The project will also create employment among the young people as well as Supporting and expanding youth groups within the Methodist Church in Kenya to
encourage effectiveness in the Youth Ministry.

For more information or any inquiries on any of the above projects please contact:
The Humanitarian Relief & Church Development department on

development@methodistchurchkenya .org