Women fellowship

Women from all over the world have, provided enormous support socially, morally,

Financially and legally to the institutions of the family, Church and society. The new millennium marks important progress having been declared in recognition of achievements in improving the life of women in Africa and indeed Kenya.

The Methodist Church in Kenya has made tremendous efforts to ensure that women, and especially girls enjoy their full and equal rights. There is a crying need today to promote and protect individual women and girls rights from abuse. More women have access to proper education, health care and have increased their participation in the decision-making body of the Church.

Women contribute a lot in peacemaking and conflict resolution processes. They are becoming more and more involved in small, medium and big enterprises that bring incomes to the households. In every society, women are acknowledged as the real social agents. Christian women, on the other hand, contribute significantly to the welfare of the Church. Today there are many women ministries, evangelists and lay leaders.

The MCK Women’s Fellowship is a movement that embraces all women in the Methodist Church and other inter-denominational congregations affiliated to MCK.

Our purpose is understanding and growing in Christ and willingness to participate in the mission of the Church. (John 10:10) I came that all may have life and have it abundantly. Methodist women believe that we have many gifts that we stir into a flame for God’s services at home, Church and society.

In every local Church, there is an organized uniformed group of Women Fellowship. Each group is directly related to the Circuit, Synod and MCK Connection.


Membership is open to any Methodist woman of faith who indicates her desire to belong to and participate in our Christian Fellowship and is a full communicant of MCK or an interdenominational congregation within a Methodist Circuit.

An enrollment service is held each year to receive members of the Women Fellowship. During this service, each enrolled member is issued with a membership card and Women Fellowship badge to participate in a colorful lighting of candles procession. We encourage every woman to attend one such occasion to witness themselves. Members of other churches or non-Christians are allowed at branch meetings in the hope that in the process they may encounter Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives.


The local Church, Circuit, Synod and Connexion periodically elect, a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, of the Women Fellowship at respective levels, in accordance with the standing orders of the Church. These are believers who have taken personal interest and commitment to lead the movement on part time basis.

The Circuits and Synods that are financially able have undertaken to employ full-time women coordinators. At the conference level, the Church has employed a full-time Women Coordinator to oversee all the work of women in the 10 Synods and the Mission areas of Uganda and Tanzania. More women coordinators are seriously required but there is no money to hire them.


Training of leaders is carried out regularly in each Circuit and Synod and occasionally at the Connexional level. The facilitators are drawn from within MCK but some times we invite them from other Churches and Christian organizations.

The Connexional Women Fellowship Coordinator is the principal trainer and seminar facilitator within our Connexion. Occasionally, she visits and trains women in the mission Areas of Uganda and Tanzania. The purpose of the training is to enlighten and empower women on leadership skills, Bible Study and Worship, Economic justice, Human and women rights, Reproductive health, etc.

Seminars and rallies are also organized to address contemporary gender issues including women and the Church, family and society. Other activities are imparting handicraft skills and holding Home Science demonstrations. We also offer training on starting and running small-scale businesses plus small and medium projects.

The Methodist Women Fellowship runs many projects at the congregational, circuit and Synod levels such as; hostels, health clinics, bee keeping, poultry, milling, nursery and primary schools. At the Connexional level women have established a Leadership and training center with facilities for meetings and training halls and accommodation. The center is situated in Malindi town, not far from the beach.

It is envisaged that The Malindi Leadership Training and Conference Centre will provide the Women Fellowship organization with a place where they can train in leadership skills, HIV/AIDS, Counseling, Entrepreneurship, Development, Community Health, Home Economics, Family Life Education, Environmental Issues and many others.

When completed, the project will be used by women, youth, men and others from the grassroots level for training, shelter for counseling to victims of abuse, violence, hate, crime, rape, sexual exploitation, forced prostitution and sex tourism. Other Church organizations, community, National and International guests will also benefit from the Centre.

Women Fellowship educates Children and youth on dangers of drug abuse, dealing in arms, retrogressive cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in order to enrich their spiritual life values. The Women Fellowship would therefore appreciate material and financial assistance to enable them complete their centre.