Mission In Marakwet

Methodist Church in Kenya (MCK) had a mission in Marakwet which started from 8th  to 13th October, 2013. The mission which was organized by the MCK women fellowship coordinator   Rev. Speranza Munyua and Mission Rev. Solomon Ndunda that saw 95 people from Marakwet and East pokot accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Due to the Language barrier, both Ministers were accompanied by Edward Kemboi and Evangelist Wesley who helped them in translation. The ministers visited Karena, soko bora and Kreel during their door to door witnessing Christ, where through the help of God they managed to win souls for Christ Jesus.

They also had a leaders training which was attended by all leaders from the Mission area and they had an opportunity to learn more on leadership skills, Stewardship, Family life and Farming.

The women Fellowship coordinator encouraged the women to start women groups and activities to encourage each other in their fellowship; they also launched the fellowship of the least coin (FLC). They also conducted an election to select their women fellowship leaders.

Over 40 people from East Pokot travelled for more than 20km to Karena in Marakwet to listen to the Word of God. And God used his Servants to save 32 of them.

MCK thanks God for the successful mission.