Methodist Insurance Brokers

Methodist Insurance Brokers was started in October 1993 for the purpose of providing reasonably priced, honest and efficient services to the Methodist churches and their related institutions, congregational members and the public. One other reason for starting MIB was to generate income for the Church. MIB is registered as a private company and licensed under the Insurance Act, Cap. 487 as an insurance broking firm. It has authorized capital of Kshs. 3 million.

As a broker, MIB acts as a liaison between clients and stable, reputable insurance companies ensuring that the client gets the best service at the appropriate price, or premium.

MIB is prepared to serve the church community and our other clients with Christian commitment guided by our motto of the Insurance advisor you can trust.

MIB is a church owned institution with a broad mission of providing quality brokerage and risk management services guided by honesty, integrity and diligence to organizations, individuals and communities based on Christian and insurance principles. The MIB corporate mission, vision, values and objectives are summarized below. Mission Statement

To facilitate the provision of adequate, efficient and fairly priced brokerage and risk management services to all our clients.


To be known as the best insurance advisor and provider of quality Insurance services to MCK members, their institutions and the general public.


MIB believes in values of Christian stewardship, honesty, integrity and quality service.


  • To be the Insurance broker of choice for all Methodist churches in Kenya, their institutions and members.
  • To cultivate positive and strong relationships with our customers, clients and principals, and to ensure high quality standards of service delivery.
  • To improve MIB performance rating in the insurance market in terms of market share and financial returns in comparison with the top successful brokers.

The marketing strategy for MIB is to develop and specialize in insurance services that are beneficial to the majority of MCK congregational members within the following range of products.


  • Group personal accident insurance
  • Pensions
  • Health care insurance
  • Burglary insurance
  • Domestic package insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Money insurance
  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Fire and perils insurance
  • All risks insurance
  • Workman’s compensation/Employer’s liability
  • School guard policy
  • Group life insurance and Funeral Expense cover
  • Loan guard insurance
  • Ordinary life assurance


  • Undertake risk assessment, evaluations and surveys
  • Obtain adequate insurance coverage at the most competitive premium rates
  • In the event of a claim, assist you in seeking equitable and timely compensation
  • Place your policy with reputable and financially stable insurance companies
  • Free advice on insurance related matters
  • Free delivery of insurance information and policy documents
  • Design innovative tailor made insurance programmes to suit individual client requirements
  • Keep you appraised regularly on new products in the insurance market
  • Provide advisory services and education on insurance and risk management to clients.

Statutory Compliance

MIB satisfies statutory requirements as by law established. Accounts are audited annually and required Commissioner’s guarantee secured by the Central Bank of Kenya. In addition, MIB has a professional indemnity policy of Kshs. 10,000,000 in favour of its clients.

The Future

We are encouraged and inspired to learn that our sister Methodist Church in the United Kingdom has operated as Methodist Insurance Company since 1872 that has been a blessing in helping the Church in its mission of Christian witnessing and spreading the gospel. The Methodist Insurance of United Kingdom has had more experience in insuring the churches than any other insurance company in the UK.
This is a challenge to the Church in Kenya to build their own inhouse facility to provide insurance services to its members.

Give portions to seven, yes to eight for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land (Ecclesiastes 11.2).