Bio Intensive Agricultural Training Center

Background Information

Many families abandoned the little land they had because they thought it was too small for any economical gain. Therefore poverty was widespread in most households. The project now empowers these people by demonstrating how more food and income can be realized by optimum utilization of land using bio-intensive farming methods. These are simple organic and natural techniques that improve soil structure and are in harmony with nature, e.g. compost making, manure/slurry utilization, wooden greenhouses, sreen-houses, drip irrigation, fish farming, fish feed production, crop production, Zero grazing, goat rearing ,rabbit/chicken rearing, honey processing, value addition of vegetables through drying among others. The local community is now able to produce enough nutritious food for their families and have additional income through sale of the crops they grow using organic farming methods.


To demonstrate, through practical example, that small-holder farmers can produce more nutritious food and increase family income by efficiently utilizing the small land units they own using appropriate simple farming methods.


To be recognized as the leading developers of small scale farmers through  inputs and information resource centre and enhancing market access to small scale farmers within Meru, Isiolo, Embu and Laikipia counties.


The project seeks to reduce levels of poverty by providing facilities where farmers, students and other interest groups share experiences and gain knowledge geared towards holistic human development based on a biblical approach.


  • To enhance the capacity of small holder farmers’ food and income, while conserving the environment and maintaining bio-diversity through organic farming, composting manure and slurry utilization among others
  • To demonstrate that a small family can obtain their food and fodder for a cow and goats from even less than an acre of land.
  • To provide facilities where small holder farmers can develop and share their indigenous technical knowledge in sustainable agriculture.
  • To create awareness of the available and adaptable technologies which are safe, efficient and affordable.
  • To initiate value addition as part of the project functions and creation of  market linkages 
  • To lobby for clear marketing channels and profitability for  small scale producers
  • To improve on livestock feed supply packed in smaller quantities affordable to small scale farmers,
  • To develop a consistent supply of fingerings for easy access to small scale fish farmers within Meru County.
  • To increase fish production through training and extension services on fish pond management which includes;-stocking, feeding, soil and water quality, pest, diseases and predators control, harvesting and record keeping.

Experience and qualification in commercially-oriented smallholder agriculture
Bio-Intensive has good relationships with many small scale farmers and service providers in Meru, Isiolo, laikipia and Embu counties which  is clearly demonstrated by:-

  1. History of over 12 years of demonstrably successful work with over 30,000 smallholder farmers.
  2. Wide range of innovative, low cost agri-technologies that lend themselves to easy adoption by small scale farmers. The set of technologies includes:- low cost zero grazing units, low cost wooden greenhouses, raised wooden fishponds, low cost wood liner tanks, , conservation tillage, just to mention a few.  
  3. Model farm that showcases the innovative, low cost technologies e.g cereal crop production through improved crop management technologies.
  4. Technical expertise on the ground namely, well able board of trustees, administration team and technical officers, dedicated to enhancing delivery of results
  5. Infrastructural advantage – Dedicated 4WD project vehicle and a motorbike for field implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  6. Wide experience in initiating value addition, crop production, livestock production  and creation of market linkages

Services offered at the Center

  • Training of farmers and extension services.
  • Accommodation with a capacity of 50 beds
  • Livestock and crop production, sale of milk and vegetables
  • Sale of fingerings, fish and fish feeds.
  • Catering services.
  • Sales of tree/fruit seedlings
  • Construction of low cost water tanks, fish ponds and wooden greenhouses.
  • Proposal development.
  • Hosting mission teams from overseas countries.

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