Health Sunday at St Peter’s Langata


Blood Pressure Test

The health week ended with its peak at St Peter’s Methodist Church Langata on 20th October, 2012. It was organized by the Methodist Church in Kenya Health and wholeness Coordinator Mrs. Ruth Ketyenya in collaboration with the medical professionals from the Church  and the Superintendent minister Langata Circuit. Hosea Kimathi.

The Medical professionals who were from various disciplines carried out Random Blood sugar, Blood pressure and Body Mass Index (Obesity) tests to the congregation.

Those who tested Positive were advised accordingly on diet and exercises depending on their conditions. 

The service Preacher of the day was Rev. Mary Kinoti and was enhanced by Mrs. Terry Wachira.Guided by the day’s readings in the book of Ephesians: 6:1-4 the Preacher highlighted to members on the commonly abused drugs and substances, effects, age groups affected, signs of drug users, and how they damage vital organs.

She emphasized that the youth in and out of school were mostly affected.

Mrs.Terry Wachira shared her experience on how alcoholism made her suffer physically, mentally and socially and thanked God for giving her a second life to preach and be an agent of transformation.  She encouraged the congregation to help those who are hooked on drugs and substance abuse to be rehabilitated so as live the life that God intends for them.

The Superintendent Minister, Rev.Hosea Kimathi appreciated the effort of the Health Coordinator and the medical team for the organization and fulfillment of the Sunday Health event.