A Visit To The Presiding Bishop From Visitors Of The Methodist Church UK

pb presentToday the Presiding Bishop had a privilege to welcome visitors from the Methodist Church in uk, who visited him in his office.

The Presiding Bishop appreciated their efforts in supporting some of the Methodist Church projects and also wished them well as they prepared for a tour in some of the projects.

The visitors were from Reading, Silchester , Kennet and Test Valley Circuit in the Uk.They have visited Kenya on a mission to view some of the Methodist Church Projects in Kaaga Synod and Miathene Synod and also to have an experience in Kenya.

The visitors were led by Rev. Andy Moffoot who served as a mission Partner in Kenya as a connexional youth and JSS coordinator in 2003-2007.

The visitors presented a gift to the Presiding bishop in remembrance of 200 anniversary of the formation of the Methodist Missionary Society, who made the Methodist church possible.

In present were the Conference Secretary Rev.Isaya deye, and the conference staff.