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The Methodist Church in Kenya

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According to the Deed of Foundation, Methodist Church in Kenya grew out of the United Methodist Free Churches, whose Missionary Committee in 1860 agreed to send a mission to East Africa and whose missionaries first reached Mombasa in 1862. In 1907 the United Methodist Free Churches became part of the United Methodist Church, which in 1932 became part of the Methodist Church. In 1967 Methodist Church in Kenya became autonomous from the British Methodist Church. Read More

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Mission & Vision

Our Vision - Witnessing For Christ in Transforming Lives

Our Mission - To Preach the Good News, Set at Liberty the Afflicted and Equip Believers

Strategic Goal - To strengthen Church systems and resources to bridge spiritual and social gaps for Church growth

Core Values:

  • Discipleship
  • Servant Leadership
  • Stewardship
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

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  • Synod Structure

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    The Methodist Church in Kenya is organized into 10 synods covering different regions of the country. A synod covers a geographical area which is composed of the different Methodist Churches in that area and forms what is known as a Circuit. A bishop heads a synod and under him are superintendent Ministers who head the circuits.

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  • Women Fellowship

    Making disciples of women who live by God's grace

    The Methodist Church in Kenya has made tremendous efforts to ensure that women, and especially girls enjoy their full and equal rights. There is a crying need today to promote and protect individual women and girls rights from abuse. More women have access to proper education, health care and have increased their participation in the decision-making body of the Church.

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  • Youth Fellowship

     Equipping the youth to serve Jesus in the Church

    The Methodist Church in Kenya recognizes the importance of nurturing young people into mature, Christian adults and seeks to provide youth activities to facilitate young people on their social and spiritual journey through the challenging years of their youth.

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Our Contacts

The Methodist Ministries Centre
P.O. Box 47633 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 020-2403437 | Fax: 020-2403438
Email: info@methodistchurchkenya.org